Is it necessary to repair or fix the small chip on your windshield? Do you have to go for a total windshield replacement when there’s a chip or crack on your windshield? Is there a small crack on your car’s windshield? You may be able to fix it without taking a trip to the glass shop. Your windshield can have a crack at, and contrary to what you think, repair is easy.

When your windshield is in good shape, you can sit comfortably on the seat and drive. The sun is blazing hot, but you don’t have any care in the world after all your windshield is in perfect shape. Well, that was what you enjoyed until now. Now, there is a small crack on your windshield. As if that’s not enough, the crack is sitting in your line of sight and you know you have to repair or replace the windshield. This means taking a trip to the glass shop, having a leaky windshield, being without your car for two or more days, the even higher insurance premium isn’t left out. Some insurance plans do not even cover the repair of cracked or chipped glass.

Perhaps, if you raise or lower your seat a little, the crack won’t be so uncomfortable. Don’t panic too much! Drive home and get your magnifying glass. With the glass, take a close look at the new crack. You might be able to repair the crack instead of a total replacement. The simple technique is to apply an acrylic adhesive, epoxy, or a filler.

Even if the little crack on the windshield isn’t directly in your line of sight, it’s advisable to repair it. If you don’t, moisture can penetrate the crack thus causing the crack to go through the top lamination and at worse, desquamate the glass from the internal membrane. Over time, the inner layer will be clouded by mist thus giving rise to a more massive blemish. Also, moisture can freeze in the crack and cause a larger crack.

Now you can see that it’s best to repair any chip or crack on your windshield as soon as possible. However, it’s important to note that not all crack or chip can be repaired. You can only hope that the chip on your windshield can be filled with a filler through the repair will leave a noticeable mark on the windscreen, what matters if you have filled the chip and eliminated the likelihood of it becoming larger or accommodating dirt in the future.

Bear in mind that you can repair a long crack on your windshield with adhesive injection kits. So it’s crucial that you fix chips or small cracks before they turn into long cracks. Any small dent or chip on the windshield that is on a shallow angle can be fixed. That includes leaf shaped chips, cone-shaped chips or any chip that hasn’t peeled off a piece of glass.

While some chips or cracks on the windshield can be repaired or entirely fixed with adhesive injection kits, large cracks demand urgent windshield replacement.